UX Case Study# 3: Responsive Interface Design (Transportation).


Using these tools, we came to the conclusion that the primary reason users prefer the train is because of convenience and pricing. What users need is a more efficient notification system regarding the trains’ schedules and delays. The data would also indicate that passengers prioritize safety and a peaceful environment when they commute by train.

Scope of Work.


Problem Statement.

Goal of research.

Affinity Mapping.



  • Passengers hate the unpredictable delays.
  • Passengers prefer a quiet, peaceful ride with few interruptions.
  • Crowds and noisy environments are a deterrent for most passengers.
  • People prefer the train because it’s fast, cheap and convenient in comparison to other modes of transport.
  • Passengers enjoy listening to music or using social apps on their phone throughout their commute.


Journey Map.



  • It would be helpful to provide real time information of the number of people at the station, overcrowding data, and train delays.
  • Users enjoy having a mobile application to purchase and show tickets.
  • Gretta opts for the train because it is affordable, accessible, and quick.

Revised Problem Statement.




Feature Prioritization Matrix.



  • We discovered that the feature which provided the most value for effort was ‘Updates From Other Passengers’.
  • The tracking feature would be easier to implement than originally thought given that satellites were doing the bulk of our work for us.
  • 79% of New Yorkers own a smartphone. 41% are iPhone users and in many other cases QR Code scanners are either faulty or they aren’t built into the phone at all.

Moscow Map.



  • passengers prioritize a peaceful commute above all other factors when taking the train.
  • Passengers want the fastest route for their commutes.
  • We discovered that NJ Transit trains, on average, were only late or delayed 6% of the time throughout 2020.

Design Studio Documentation.


Low-Fi Sketches.

Mid Fi Wireframes.


  • Design Studio was extremely helpful and collaborative in designing and refining a feature onto a page through the iterative process.
  • Extracting the best ideas from each person and combining them into one entity allows for us, as designers, to break free of our comfort zone and create an innovative product.
  • Observing other teammates’ features and hearing the justification for those features during their pitch helped us to learn from each other.



Prototype link: https://www.figma.com/proto/SAxMo8J2AeZeXtZnbSqbTP/Untitled?page-id=0%3A1&node-id=86%3A11&viewport=3278%2C-1905%2C1.284693717956543&scaling=scale-down&hotspot-hints=0


  • Our prototype has proven to deliver an easy and efficient navigation flow for users.
  • The wording of our prototype needs to be modified for the better understanding of users.
  • We need to enlarge text and boxes so users can have a better view of texts.
  • Hi-fidelity prototypes are crucial in understanding the natural user flow and thought process when using a website to complete a task.
  • The “real life” details on the website allows for concentrated research and focus on targeted elements on the prototype.

Desktop Web Prototype.

Desktop Prototype Link:



Final Recommendations:

  • Address pain points users identified and showed by redesigning and doing another round of usability testing.
  • Reconsider the labeling for “Train Info” and “Tickets” on the home page.
  • Validate that users understand the difference between “Live Passenger Updates” and “Notify a Ticket Master” in the next round of testing.
  • Provide a description and reason for the QR code and the barcode number on the same screen through an icon or help button when trying to notify a ticket master.
  • Integrate ways for users to find their own alternative routes on the “Train Information” page.



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